• Objective of CSSD :

The objective of our CSSD is to provide the entire departments of the hospital with ,sterile materials right from gauze and linen to surgical instruments from a single source, with sufficient documentation to prove the sterile nature if needed, so all products and equipments in the hospital in a used state and soiled state are brought , into this department for proper cleaning ,disinfection , decontamination , packing , sterilization , storage and distribution .

  • Since of CSSD :

Since our hospital is built on horizontal basis, with three operation theaters in different buildings, accordingly the site of the CSSD was chosen in a position which is central to the different, departments requiring the sterile gods; the laundry as well is attached to the allocated site. Where, receipt of used sets from the user departments is followed by processing  them starting by cleaning ,and washing in the receiving/decontamination area , Inspection , assembling and packing in the sterile , area ,sterilization of these sets using autoclave in the sterile area ending by storage and delivery , of the sterile CSSD sets to the user’s departments in the storage area .

  • Design of CSSD :

The design of the CSSD should assure that the decontamination area is totally separated from, the rest of the department. To prevent the spread of organisms, the flow of both staff and equipments, must allow no crossover of soiled and clean materials, accordingly, the architectural plain and finishes are all directed for fulfilling this goal.

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