Our Radiology department is a highly specialized, versatile full time (for 24 hours) service department that strives to meet all patient’s and clinician’s needs in diagnostic imaging and image guided interventional procedures.

The AIM:

The mission of the department is to achieve highest quality and less cost effective medical imaging and imaging guided therapies using state of the art technological equipment available.



Dr magdy Helmy

Dr. Magdy Helmy

 Consultant of Radio-diagnosis



Our department is managed by highly trained passionate professors and doctors of radiology:

Prof.Dr. Hesham MahmoudProf of Radio-Diagnosis in Ain Shams University

Prof.Dr. Marwa Ibrahim :  Prof of Radio-Diagnosis in Ain Shams University

Dr.Amir Louis :  Lecturer of Radio-Diagnosis Ain Shams University

Dr.Remon Zaher :  Lecturer of Radio-Diagnosis Ain Shams University

  • Number of highly trained passionate staff of administration (technician’s males and females, secretaries).
  • Highly trained skilful nurses.

Our Department Consists Of :

  • CT unit.
  • X-ray units with fluoroscopy (4 rooms of X-ray and 2 fluoroscopy room).
  • Ultrasound unit with coloured Doppler and 4-D ultrasound.
  • Mammography and complementary breast US.
  • Portable X-ray unit for ICU and inpatient examinations.


Services Done For The Patient:2

  • All conventional X-ray.
  • All the techniques of the X-ray.
  • All US examinations and US guided biopsy for all solid organs and breast biopsy.
  • Doppler for all parts.
  • CT examination with and without contrast for all the body.
  • Emergency CT.
  • CR in the operating room.
  • Bed-side X-ray and US for the ICU.
  • There is a facility to give the patient his examinations done in department on CD.


Future Prospective:

  • Our radiology department aims to meet the international standards in both the clinical and academic activities.
  • We are currently undergoing a major renovation project to establish an MRI unit.

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