The central laboratory of the hospital is located in the heart of the hospital premises facing the hospital chapel and an exquisite green yard and a flowering garden inspiring hope and optimism to all visitors.

The laboratory offers its services 24 hours a day 7 days a week including national and religious holidays.



Dr Hany Rofiel

Prof.Dr. Hani Sobhi Rufail.

Professor of clinical pathology and laboratory medicine, Ain Shams University.


It consists of :

Several laboratory units in a spacious area  comprising the following :

  • Hematology unit
  • Clinical chemistry unit
  • Bacteriology and parasitology unit
  • Immunology unit.


Investigations performed:

The laboratory performs all routine hematology, clinical chemistry, bacteriology hormones viral markers, hepatitis markers, tumor markers as well as other specialized analysis.

Instruments and platforms :

The laboratory is equipped with a multitude of instruments and performance platforms, including some top of the line technologies and state of the art instruments.

  • Spectrophotometer ( MicroLab 300 )
  • Spectrophotometer ( Biosystem BTS 330 )

For routine clinical chemistry testing

  • (I-Sense) : Automated electrolytes measurements.

Sodium, potassium, Chloride, lithium.

  • (Gem Premier 300 ) from [Laboratory Instruments]

For blood Gases and electrolyte measurements.

  • (Mini Vida ) from [Biomeriuex].using florescence polarization .

For Hormones, hepatitis markers, tumor markers, viral markers & some immunology testing.

  • (Clover A1C- self) From [Infopia],

For Glycated hemoglobin  Hb A1C.

  • (Cobas Micros) from [Roche]

Automated blood cell counter . with 3 part differential

  • (ABX Micros 60) from [Horiba]

Automated blood cell counter . with 3 part differential

  • (BioLabo) Coagulometer.

Automated 2 channel Coagulometer for clotting factors.

  • (Pentra 400) from [Horiba].

Fully automated random access Auto analyzer.

Top state of the art technology for routine chemistry.


The printouts of the laboratory results are linked to a [Laboratory Information System] fully computerized. And are delivered manually.

Our future aim is to convey the patient’s results directly to the clinical wards through hubs on the system.

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Administrative Area:

  • Head of the department.
  • 3 Laboratory physicians.
  • 12 Laboratory chemists.


Achievements :

  • Daily quality control assessment results
  • Abiding with all guidelines for laboratory performance.
  • Evidence based interpretation of laboratory results.

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