Nephrology & Dialysis

 The Nephrology & Dialysis center of the Italian hospital is a center of excellence. It is a two floors  department , consisting of a dialysis center in the ground floor and an in patients department in the first floor.



dr hany berty

Dr. Hany Berty

Consultant of Nephrology Italian Hospital .


It Consists of :

  • The in patients department : it comprises five separate rooms for management of nephrological diseases, preparing patients for dialysis as well asdealing with any complications that could happen to patients who are on scheduled dialysis.

The in patients are closely medically supervised around the clock. The medical staff is assisted by highly skilled and qualified nursing staff.

  • The dialysis unit : is equipped with 20 up to date Gambro dialysis machines. Two wards are designated ; one for C+ve patients equipped with its machines and the other ward is for C-ve patients. For patients who need privacy during the sessions, we can provide separate rooms equipped with single machines. Up to six patients at a time could be offered this privelage.
  • Small surgical room : Minor surgical interventions such as introduction of subclavian, internal jugular and femoral catheters is also possible under complete aseptic conditions in a special room designed for such interventions.
  • Water treatment room .
  • Register office .
  • Head of the department office .
  • Storage room .
  • Nurse room .
  • Out-patient clinic .
  • Kitchenette .

Services Provided :

Different modalities of haemodialysis according to the patients’ needs and condition are adopted. The different techniques include the following:

  • Bicarbhaemodialysis .
  • Hifluxhaemodialysis .
  • Haemodiafiltration .
  • Haemofiltration .
  • Different types of slow continuous therapy whether ultrafiltration , haemodialysis or HDF .

Plasmapharesis the main line of managing some autoimmune diseases is one of the medical services provided by the department.

Finally, an outpatients’ clinic on daily basis is held in the department not only for selecting new patients but also for follow up of renal patients who are managed conservatively.


  • Regular scientific meetings for the medical staff .
  • Introduction of Plasmapheresis .
  • Upgrading of haemodialysis .

Future Prospective :

  • Change most of the patient to high flux dialysis .
  • Increase the number of patient which need HDF .
  • Improves the quality of the inpatient department .

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