• Occupying 75.000 sq .meters (about 16acres) in the middle of Cairo, the Italian Hospital Umberto I in Cairo is an integrated medical establishment that is considered as one of the leading hospital in providing the medical services in the region know as Great Cairo for more than 100 years.
  • Different medical fields are covered in its specialized building that  harbor 309 beds, cardiology, internal medicine, gynecology & obstetric, pediatrics, surgery, pneumatology, geriatrics, renal diseases and dialysis unit are just examples along with specialized high tech rehabilitation center, laboratory and radiology departments .
  • Renovation and upgrading is continuously carried on to enable the hospital to continue providing the developing needs in both the preventive and the therapeutic medical fields, not only for a wide sector of the egyptian citizens but also for patients referred from some Arabic countries such as sudan and Libya as well from some other African & European countries .
  • It has always been the mission of the hospital to provide the best medical services with paying special attention to quality control, patient  satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the provided services eminent consultants and professors of faculties of medicine in the different specialties are appointed of assure the perfect fulfillment of this mission. The fully up-to-date equipped emergency department is providing the needed medical services 24/7.
  • Patients who are referred to the hospital from different sponsoring agents are provided the highest level of help through a specialized office totally dedicted to deal with; facilitating their admission, discharge and all different issues they might encounter.


[su_box title=”Financial Services” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Egyptian Arab Land Bank
  • Principal Bank for Development & Agricultural Credit
  • Cairo Bank
  • Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt
  • Banque Misr
  • CIB Bank


[su_box title=”Petroleum Sector” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Petroleum Air Services
  • Belayim Petroleum Company
  • City Gas
  • South Valley for Petroleum
  • Medical Center for Petroleum Sector Workers in Cairo
  • Medical Center for Petroleum Sector Workers in Suez
  • Petrotrade
  • Petrogas – Petroleum Gases Company
  • Egyptian Company for Natural Gas Distribution in Cities (Town Gas)
  • Egypt Gas
  • Cairo Gas
  • Co-Operation for Petroleum
  • Egyptian Natural Gas Company (Gasco)
  • The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation
  • SOPC – Suez Oil Processing Company


[su_box title=”Insurance Companies” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Nls Super Vision
  • Masr Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Family Care
  • Extra Care
  • Arabian Group For Management And Integrated Services
  • Al-Ahly Al-Takafuly For Insurance
  • Egycare
  • High Care For Insurance
  • Egyptian For Health Care
  • Interhealth Egypt For Medical Care Services
  • Med Right For Medical Services
  • Life Healthcare


[su_box title=”Ministries” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Egypt
  • Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
  • Ministry of Health
  • Office of the Presidency of the Republic
  • House of Representatives
  • Shura Council
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Asa – Accountability State Authority


[su_box title=”Religious Organizations” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Al-Azhar Al-Sharif
  • Nasr City Evangelical Church (Ncechurch)
  • The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo
  • Coptic Charity Society
  • Saint Paul Coptic Orthodox Church, Ard El-Golf
  • Church of Great Martyr Abu Seven And Demyana, Shoubra
  • Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church,Massara
  • Church of The Virgin Mary To Catholics , Deryas
  • Church of Great Martyr Abu Seven, Hdayek El Koba
  • Saint Mary and St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church, Manshiet Naser
  • Committee of Piety in Cairo Downtown Churches
  • The Shepherd And Mother of Light Society (Sml)
  • St.Samaan Church in Mokattam Mountain
  • Saint Paul Monastery
  • Saint Bishoy Monastery


[su_box title=”Companies – Associations – Organizations” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Egyptian-French (Cairo Metro)
  • Administrative, Secretarial and Computer Institute (Faculty of Coptic Girls Abbasia)
  • Amoun Pharmaceutical Company
  • Collège De La Salle – Egypte
  • American University In Cairo
  • Ain Shams University
  • International Distance Learning Institute
  • Nacita, The National Agricultural Chemical Industrial Trading Agency
  • Saipem Egypt
  • The Holding Company For Maritime And Land Transport
  • Orascom Construction Industries
  • Al Marasem International For Development
  • Etalex Factory
  • Tiba For The Marketing of Medical Services
  • Shepherd Hotel
  • International Care
  • Techint Engineering & Constrction (Egypt Branch)
  • Proserv Group
  • Toyota Egypt
  • Arab Architectural Design & Engineering Consultancy
  • Suez Cement
  • Flexipack – Arab Medical Packing
  • Holdipharma
  • Savo – Nile Oil & Detergents
  • Textile Consolidation Fund – Tcf
  • Wadi Degla Sporting Club
  • Al Tayseer Medical Supplies‎
  • Lotus For Paper Products Company
  • Alkarma For Supplies
  • Francisco Factory
  • Kiriazi
  • Timsah Shipbuilding
  • October Pharma
  • The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.)
  • Land Master
  • Italian Charity Society
  • Armenian Society In Cairo


[su_box title=”Syndicates” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]


  • Egyptian Medical Syndicate
  • Theatrical Professions Syndicate
  • Cinema Syndicate
  • Social Professions Syndicate
  • Syndicate of Journalist
  • Egyptian Teachers Syndicate
  • Syndicate of Commercial Professions
  • Egyptian Engineers Syndicate


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