Diabetic Foot Center

A group of doctors specialized in vascular surgery and diabetic foot surgery in teaching hospitals and institutes forming a multidisciplinary team to salvage patients with diabetic foot from amputation.

The team includes physicians specialized in angiology for Duplex assessment of peripheral arteries perfusion in advanced stages of disease, doctors specialized in the diagnosis, staging and treatmt of diabetic neuropathy by electromyography assessment of nerves and muscles, in collaboration with eminent specialized doctors in endocrinology for control of diabetes.

The Diabetic Foot center mission is:

  • Prevent complications of diabetic foot
  • Control consequences of diabetic foot complications, if they occur
  • Treatment of diabetic foot according to the most recent guidelines and standards
  • Prevent amputation

Means to achieve our goals:

Taking into account the latest international standards and medical equipment, we established the center with:

  • Duplex ultrasound machine to assess blood flow in the arteries and veins
  • The latest  electromyography machine to assess the peripheral nerves
  • The latest laser machines to improve wound healing of patients with diabetic feet
  • Advanced wound care and wound dressing according to the lates standards applied in USA and Europe
  • Printed and electronic media to increase patients awareness of diabetic foot complications and methods of prevention
  • A variety of products as shoes, walkers and other accessories for various foot injuries
  • Performing surgical and endovascular interventions to increase arterial perfusion to the affected foot improving wound healing and preventing amputations

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