Catheter Center

The Catheter Center is one of the activities of the cardiology department supervised by Prof. Dr. Ramez Guindy, it consists of Catheter Laboratory and in-patient department. The unit had attracted most of the eminent interventionists in Egypt.



Prof. Dr. Ramez Guindy
Professor of Cardiology, Ain Shams University  in Cairo.


Catheter Laboratory:

  1. The preparation hall: Consists of a two beds hall in which the patient is received, examined & prepared for the procedure.
  2. The Catheter Laboratory:
    Awide theatre in which the Siemens Artis Zee is installed with all facilities for monitoring the patient during the procedure along with emergency equipments that might be needed during the procedure.
  3. Post Catheter hall:
    A four fully monitored beds in which the patients are admitted after the procedure for close observation.

Department consists of :   

Consists of two single bed  rooms and two double bed rooms. The rooms are fully furnished to ensure the patient’s. medical and environmental well being.
A fully equipped nursing station along with twenty four hour cardiologist in charge are available to answer the different patient needs.


Since this unit was started on January 2013, patients, with diseases of their coronary arteries (the arteries supplying the heart ) and other peripheral vessels (all other arteries supplying the lower limbs , neck arteries , etc ) had been admitted and their medical problems solved

  • Patients satisfaction during their stay in our unit is a goal of its own as long as  thegeneral policies are kept .
  • Friendly, professional and safe environment is an integral part to achieve the well being of the patients augmenting the chances of medical improvement
  • Future prospectives, keeping pace with the rapidly developing area of intervention.
  • The unit is managed aiming to provide our patients the service provided in the similar facilities world wide with the consideration of the socio – economic status.

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