The Sisters

The presence of the Comboni Sisters at the Italian Hospital “Umberto I” – Cairo dates back to 1903, the inauguration of the hospital with a number of 4 nuns.

Sr.GiuseppinaOver the years the number is increased to reach a peak of 44. Then it began the descent down to a minimum 10 nuns of a certain age. The mother general, wanting to ensure a presence Cristana hospital, has made numerous attempts with different congregations of sisters, but none responded positively. It has therefore decided to withdraw the small remnant of the nuns in 2006. The then Patriarch of the Catholic Church S.B. Mgr Antonious Nagib requested time to seek a solution. It has since gained the proposal to form a community of different congregation.

In 2007 four congregations responded to the call of SB Patriarch: the Egyptian Sisters of the Sacred Heart, sisters Elisabettine, the Franciscan Sisters of the Heart Immaculate, the Comboni Sisters. Later they joined the little sisters Jesus.

Aims Community

The aims of the presence of the sisters are:

  • communal witness of the message;
  • communal witness of the Catholic Church;
  • expression of dialogue between churches and religions, with patients, family members, staff medical and paramedical staff, through the presence and the nursing service in various departments. Opening and hospitality are the features that characterize the community;
  • respect for the dignity of all persons without distinction;
  • staff training to the centrality of the patient on a human level and health;
  • humanization of medicine;
  • support and guidance of the staff;
  • spirit of service and collaboration with all.

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