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The Italian Hospital “Umberto I” is a modern reality in constant evolution and modernization to be more appropriate to the continued rapid evolution of medical practice. It ranks as a landmark for the community of the area in search for high technical performance level and quality, but also for the many tourists who, for several reasons are in need of medical care, sure to find the same standards found in their countries of origin.

The Italian Hospital “Umberto I” provides performance diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, health education and prevention, consistent with the level of technological equipment and economic resources of the facility.

Cooperation and integration of all the Professionals present and active in the hospital, allowing the achievement of the global cared character, that is, the most appropriate response to the health needs of each individual.

The Direction of the Hospital Umberto Isupport actions aimed at creating a good Working environment in favor of enhancing the professional resources to offer its Patient care and clinical excellence.


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The development of innovative organizational and business models is also thecondition for ensuring the excellent performance of instrumental support to permit clinical decisions.

The commitment of risk management will increase levels of quality and security concerning the assistance and health benefits through prevention, training and promotion of actions to mitigate the risks all in an optical a forthcoming international quality certification (JCI).

The Directional support, through the offices in staff, to develop programs to ensure clinical governance procedures for evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of the results and the efficiency of the resource use.

The government’s economic and financial management, as important part of clinical governance, will aimed at developing synergies between the administrative and technical services and clinical services keeping always, the centrality of the patient.



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missionThe mission of the Italian Hospital “Umberto I” is to improve the health of our community by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. Specifically, we aim :

  • To be the world’s preeminent health care institution
  • To provide the highest quality care and service for all people in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness
  • To be the loading health care institution in the application of new techniques.
  • To attract and support physicians and other health care professionals of the highest character and greatest skill.
  • To provide facilities and amenities that promote the highest quality care, afford solace and enhance the surrounding community.


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visionThe Italian Hospital “Umberto I”  will be the healthcare provider of choice for physicians and patient – delivering the healthcare we expect for our own family – recognized for :

  • Exceptional quality
  • Unparalleled service and patient experience
  • Great place to work and practice
  • Clinically integrated affiliates


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