S.I.B. Board

SIB-deskS.I.B. acronym for the Società Italiana di Beneficienza (Italian Society of Charity), founded in Cairo in 1868 was created to provide assistance to the Italian citizens residing in the consular district of Cairo.

The purpose of S.I.B. it is to operate in the field of health and social services:

  • Medical care in all its forms, at home or at the Italian Hospital “Umberto I”, owned by the Society.
  • Social assistance to the elderly men and women, to the needy and to the orphans.

The Italian Society of Charity is composed of members. The honorary president of the Society is the Head of the Consular Chancellery of the Embassy of Italy in Cairo. The Society is managed by a board of directors composed of 13 members, councilors, elected from among the members.
Among them is elected the President, the Vice President and the Treasurer.
Today the Governing Council of S.I.B. it’s composed by:

  • President: Mr. Giancarlo Cifarelli
  • Vice President: Dr. Roberto Orfanelli
  • Secretary: Dr. Tagher Soheil
  • Treasurer: Mr. Piero Donato
  • Counselor: H.E. Bishop Antonios Aziz Mina
  • Counselor: Mr. Claudio Violante
  • Counselor: Mrs. Emira Pizzuto
  • Counselor: Mr. Ponziano Prandi
  • Counselor: Mrs. Claudia Nardi
  • Counselor: Mr. Giulio Giancristofaro
  • Counselor: Mr. Karim Donato

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[su_box title=”The headquarters of the Italian Society of Charity” style=”glass” box_color=”#81b5c5″ radius=”5″]

40, 26th July Street – Boulac (Cairo)
Phone : +20 2 5710 387 or +20 2 5755 483
Fax : +20 2 5767 065
email : societa_italiana@yahoo.com